Caucus Board Meeting

Note: The Master plan public meeting has been postponed until July 19.   More details to follow.


Pursuant to Section 12 of the Bylaws, the undersigned Directors hereby give notice that a Special Meeting is scheduled for June 21, 2016 at 7 pm at the Firehouse. The Agenda for this Special Meeting will be as follows:
1. Acknowledgment of deficiencies in the Master Plan revision
        a.  Compare 2002-03 and 2015-16 process
        b.  Use of comprehensive Survey Questionnaire to all Members
        c.  Use of Cindy Houben, Ellen Sassano and other ComDev staff
        d.  Limited Use of professional land use planner
        e.  Open Public Meetings with stakeholders throughout process
        f.  Focus on streamlining and revision of existing Master Plan at
            expense of comprehensive outreach effort
        g. Poor communication due to inadequate mailing/email lists
2. Specific Tasks to Insure Participation in process, Transparency of
    process, timely Communication with Members, and improvement of
    interactive Website, all designed to result in a revised Master Plan
    with broad support before adoption by County is requested
3. Recruitment of Board and Member volunteers for Tasks.
4. Approval of minor expenditures to accomplish the Tasks, to be
    coordinated by the Communication and Master Plan Committees of
    the Board.
PLEASE RSVP to confirm your attendance at this Special Meeting.
Dated: June 10, 2016.

Patsy Bacheldor
Chelsea Brundige
Molly Child
Martha Ferguson
Gib Gardner
John McBride
Tim McFlynn
Seth Sachson
Helene Slansky
(This is an incomplete list and may include additional or all Directors when all are contacted)


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