CHELSEA BRUNDIGE, (____ - 2017)

Chelsea Congdon Brundige is writer and producer with First Light Films, an independent film and television company based in Snowmass, Colorado. She also works part-time as a water policy strategist on projects on the Roaring Fork and Crystal Rivers with the Public Counsel of the Rockies in Aspen, Colorado.


Chelsea has worked on western water issues for decades and has helped direct the work of the Caucus in protecting Snowmass Creek and have been the recent chair of the water committee of the Snowmass Capitol Creek Caucus.


Chelsea serves on the Board of Western Resource Advocates in Boulder, Colorado, and the Colorado Rocky Mountain School in Carbondale, Colorado. Past board service includes the Aspen Valley Land Trust, the Advisory Board of the Trust for Public Land, President of COMPASS, an organization supporting progressive education in Colorados Roaring Fork Valley.


And real joy is in sharing this journey with her teenage children Tashi and Miles, and living in this beautiful place.

RICHARD HEEDE  (____ - 2017)

I am blessed to have lived in this beautiful valley since 1984, when I moved from Boulder for the clean air, the quiet, the stunning mountains, and the good people of Old Snowmass. I have raised a beautiful daughter here, worked on energy and climate issues with Rocky Mountain Institute from 1984 to 2002, have lived in both Snowmass and Capitol valleys, and built a passive solar home in Gateway in 1993. In 2002 I established a consulting practice focused on practicable and profitable ways for cities, corporations, governments, and individuals to mitigate our climate impacts through efficient use of energy (


In 2011 I created the Climate Accountability Institute ( as a not-for-profit organization to address responsibility for climate change and leverage corporate and international action to manage the transition to a low-carbon future in the United States and globally by 2050. The institute is funded by U.S. and European foundations, individual contributors, and leading scientific organizations. CAI's work rankles members of US Congress to the extent that a subpoena was issued by the House Science Space & Technology Committee in July 2016 (which we are fighting on First Amendment grounds), and followed by a subpoena from ExxonMobil Corporation in its tussle with Mass AG Maura Healey.

I learned skiing, sailing, and environmental and social awareness growing up in Norway. These are values I bring to my positions on the Snowmass Capitol Creek Caucus in order to preserve our rural character and fostering appropriate scale of residential development with lower impacts on our land, water, and atmosphere.


Michael provides mediation, facilitation, and strategic-planning services valley wide. He works with all kinds of organizations to resolve issues through collaboration and whole-system thinking. ( Also, he is a painter. (

Michael is a member of the county Open Space and Trails board and the CLEER board (Clean Energy Economy for the Region). He's lived on Snowmass Creek since '92 and served on the SnoCap Board for fourteen years. 

From ’83 to ‘16, he worked for Rocky Mountain Institute on sustainable communities and campuses. He wrote two books: Accelerating Campus Climate Initiatives (‘09) and Economic Renewal Guide (‘97) and scores of papers. He was a county commissioner from '75 to ’85, the early days of Pitkin County’s transition to progressive policies — especially growth control, affordable housing, open space, and transit.


While my wife and I develop a viable agriculture livelihood in cooperation with our ranch on Capitol Creek, I seek to serve on the SnowCap Caucus board to further my connection with our community by contributing to the continuing effort to define and express our shared vision of natural resource protection, heritage, and land development and conservation.  I intend to actively pursue improvements in Caucus communication and balanced representation of all residents and land owners.


In addition to the ranch work that occupies the majority of my time, I drive a taxi in Aspen throughout the winter tourist season.  In the past I have been a project engineer for a small company in the poorly named clean-coal industry, lab assistant at the National Renewable Energy Laboratories and the Ultra-Fast Optics Laboratory at Colorado School of Mines, hotel bellman/driver, snowcat operator, US Army armor crewman, and shift manager in the fast-food industry.  I hold a B.Sc. in Engineering Physics and a M.Sc. in Engineering Systems - Mechanical Emphasis.

Snowmass Capitol Creek Caucus 
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