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2020 Snowmass Capitol Creek Caucus Board of Directors

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I am a westerner, having grown up in Montana where I came to appreciate wide open, undeveloped spaces. I have lived in Old Snowmass 9 years and feel blessed to overlook and engage in this beautiful, pristine valley I call home. My later career years were invested in real estate and commercial banking, both of which honed my skills in various areas. I am interested in giving back to this sublime wilderness we share together, protecting its gifts which will enhance all of our living experience.


Jill has lived in the Capitol Creek Valley since 2000 and started coming to Aspen in 1963 from Minnesota to ski with her family.  She attended college in Denver, frequenting Aspen as often as possible, where she had a number of jobs from waitressing to writing.  She worked as a columnist for the Aspen Illustrated News in the late '60's and in the late 70's published a book of her photographs as staff photographer for the Aspen Music Festival.  She worked for National Geographic Society as photographer and writer on various projects.  While living in Seattle for 20 years, she worked as a photographer, doing fine art gallery work, commercial annual reports and advertising, and portraiture.

Over her life she has come and gone from the Roaring Fork Valley and was always drawn back because of the great community of people and the beauty of the area.  As an artist she has found much inspiration from the Capitol Creek Valley - especially the rural ranching character that still remains and of course the mountain landscapes.  In the last several years she was on the Board and several committees of the Red Brick in Aspen.  She has taught drawing and painting at the Art Base in Basalt, and has exhibited paintings and drawings in several venues in the valley.


Michael provides mediation, facilitation, and strategic-planning services valley wide. He works with all kinds of organizations to resolve issues through collaboration and whole-system thinking. (KinsleyDiplomacy.com). Also, he is a painter. (KinsleyPaintings.com)


I moved to Little Elk Creek about 20 years ago. Last year I was elected to Caucus and appointed to head the water committee. I was a Lake Manager for 20+ years, an elected and appointed official and sat on committees and commissions too numerous to mention. After moving here I was an adviser and volunteer for the Roaring Fork Conservancy and help monitor both the Capital and Snowmass Creeks for the last 16 years. I also am the Ditch Manager for the ditch that has the highest priority right to Capitol Creek. I also am a hospice and AVH dog therapy volunteer.


I have served on the Snow Cap Caucus for the past 2 years and find working with the community on land use applications is interesting and hopefully helpful to the community. The past two years has given me a better understanding of the issues in the valley. My goal is to secure preservation of the valley for our residence and visitors.


A twelve year resident at McCabe Ranch, a member of the board of the Snowmass Capitol Creek Caucus for three years and current Chair; a strong supporter of open space and the maintenance of agricultural values and activity in the Capitol Creek Valley; member of the board of AVLT.

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