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Master plan draft for review.

The Caucus board of directors has completed a DRAFT revised Master Plan and is now seeking broader Caucus review and comment. Please find the Master Plan HERE, and provide comment via email or in person at our monthly Caucus meeting. Our PROPOSED timeline is to review initial email comments and take verbal comments at our June 20 meeting, revise the draft as needed and resubmit for additional comments, review new comments at our July 18 meeting, then prepare a final draft for vote of approval at our August 15 meeting.

Please understand that the Caucus Board is open to modifying this schedule and to scheduling a public meeting to allow people in our Caucus area the opportunity to discuss together any issues that are controversial or warrant broader deliberation.

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our general email inbox. Please submit email comments to board President Aaron Oakley, Master Plan Committee chair David Chase, or any other board member.

Thank you, we look forward to your feedback!

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