Don’t Just Avoid the Coronavirus — Defeat It by Strengthening Your Immunity

Updated: May 27, 2020

Written by Amory Lovins

Why do most people who catch the new virus have mild symptoms and some have none, while others, chiefly the old and sick, develop fatal pneumonias? Because people differ in “immune competence” — their ability to fend off and overcome infection. Proven methods can strengthen that ability. Yet amid debates about how quickly and strictly we must keep apart and stay home, this powerful complement to avoiding exposure and treating infection is being largely ignored. We’re striving to keep the virus away from people and cure them if they get sick, but without also strengthening our natural defenses. This is a serious omission, and you can help fix it.


Simple, Science-Based Steps to Boost Your Immunity and Help Prevent or Moderate Infection

A User’s Guide to Vitamin C in the Context of COVID-19

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