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Local Artists

Local Artists

The Snowmass and Capitol Creek Valleys are home to numerous accomplished artists, many of whom draw inspiration from our surrounding landscapes. We've highlighted a few below. If you'd like to see your work featured here, please contact Jill Sabella.

Travis Fulton


Sculpture & Installation Art

With inspiration from nature and technology Travis designs sculptures and landscapes using metal, wood, water, stone, light and objects germain to the piece.This is your Service Description. Use this space to explain this service in more detail.

Judy Hill


Photography & Printmaking

Judy's vast library of photographic images focuses largely on medium format and panorama format film. For the past fifteen years, she has focused on permanent ink printmaking and digital imagery, an investment that has led to even greater creativity and deepened her passion for the art of photography.

Scott Keating



Scott Keating Jewelry is a bespoke design studio and retail boutique with a reputation of creating award-winning contemporary classics. Each piece of jewelry is made by hand, designed using non-conflict diamonds and ethically mined precious metals.

Michael Kinsley



Surprising to those who have known his landscapes for years, Michael’s work now includes abstracts, most of which interpret natural phenomena, especially rock textures and patterns. He is now beginning to explore the space between representational and abstract images.

Nancy Lovendahl



Nancy's artwork can be found in private & public collections and museums such as The Smithsonian Institution in Wash., DC. She has won numerous monumental Art in Public Places awards nationally. Her recent work is focused on investigations of the mental constructs of cultural division.

Jill Sabella



Jill's drawings and paintings work with shapes of light and dark and color to create the illusion of a visual experience.

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