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Master Plan & Bylaws

Our Vision

The valley area of Snowmass and Capitol Creeks is a place where preservation of the natural environment and the protection of our rural character are highly valued. The unique qualities of our area should be preserved and the existing character should remain substantially unchanged. The valued qualities include the natural watersheds, water quality and quantity in Snowmass and Capitol Creeks and their tributaries, undisturbed expanses of native vegetation and riparian corridors, and wildlife habitat.

We experience our valleys through views of open meadow foregrounds framing dramatic peaks, colorful hillsides and sharp ridgelines. Agriculture is recognized as a valued resource and a means to preserve the open space character of our valleys and we support using a range of techniques to ensure its continued presence and viability. In particular, we look to land conservation tools to implement protection of the open space of our area.

While recreation opportunities abound within and adjacent to our area, we wish to maintain the primitive nature of these experiences. We support limiting growth in our valleys, consistent with the core values outlined above.


Master Plan

The Snowmass Capitol Creek Caucus Board has worked  tirelessly to update our community Master Plan which recommends and informs Pitkin County on key issues and concerns of our community. It also sets in place a code of ethics, especially items pertaining to land use issues and the preservation and protection of our rural lands and the wild life and flora which inhabit it.

-Your Snowmass Capitol Creek Caucus Board

Document Archive

The following files are available here for historical reference.

Caucus Master Plan

Adopted February 8, 2018 by Pitkin County Planning and Zoning Commission

Draft Master Plan

Submitted January 5, 2018 for Pitkin County Approval


Draft Master Plan

November 16, 2017

Caucus Master Plan

Adopted August 15, 2017

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