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Fun(d) Raising Committee

Our Goal

The Fun(d) Raising Committee organizes events and raises funds for Caucus projects. The goal of the committee is to bring together residents of the Snowmass and Capitol Creek valleys.

Our Activities

Everybody needs friends! In addition to our efforts on land use, water and biota, the Snowmass Capitol Creek Caucus is very importantly a meeting point, a sounding board and a social organization to bring neighbors together to solve differences and to become friends. 

Every summer, we host a picnic for all of the residents of our Caucus area. And each year it is fun! We organize a spring road clean up and reward those who bring in “the best of trash.” We gather to learn about the geology or history of our area. And we have just held the first annual story telling event. We really do have fun!

As a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization, the Caucus can solicit and accept tax-deductible contributions support and initiate any projects or programs it desires that support the goals of protecting and enhancing our valleys. In past years, we have raised considerable funding to support ambitious projects to protect Snowmass Creek. Currently, the Caucus Board is exploring opportunities to study and help preserve water quality and flows in Capitol Creek.

The ongoing operation of the Caucus requires some funding – to power our website, cover administrative expenses, pay for mailings and posters.

The Fun(d) Raising Committee needs you – and your support. Check out our upcoming events. Or even better, propose one!

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